Airzone Control4 Driver

Airzone systems normally compose 3 types of elements: smart thermostats (one per zone or room), air diffusion elements (grilles or motorized dampers, electrovalves and individual units) and a main control board that analyzes all the information, sets the operation point of all production units and regulates the performance of the diffusion units.Universal WiFi device offers compatibility for thousands of Air Conditioner models, it only requires an Indoor Unit that has an IR receiver working with a standard Wireless Remote Controller.

Here are the two models of gateway needed to the integration with Control4:

To be installed in the box:

DIN Rail:

You need a driver for each zone. Download

There is no master/slave driver set up required.
The driver is smart enough to adjust the UI depending on the zone’s capabilities that you connect it to.

The installer will provide you with the system and zone number for each thermostat.


  1. Confirm that you have the System and Zone number for each thermostat (provided by the Airzone installer)
  2. Add Airzone driver to project.
  3. Enter IP Address in the Properties tab and click Set.
  4. Enter TCP Port (default 3000) and click Set.
  5. Enter the System Number and click Set
  6. Enter the Zone Number and click Set
  7. The driver will now configure itself for the specified zone and update the Control4 UI as required
  8. Bind the room Temperature and Temperature Control to the desired driver
  9. Press Shift+F5 to refresh Navigator

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