Support Cases Process

In order to provide you with a better service when a problem occurs, please go to our Partner Zone and create a case.

Fill the General Information box with the device’s Serial Number or MAC Address.

Depending on the device, the serial stored in our database might be different. For that reason, please check the info below to provide the correct number.

  • Control4 Hardware (except T4 touchscreeens and power amplifiers) ➜ LAN MAC Address
  • Pakedge Devices ➜ LAN MAC ADDRESS
  • T4 touchscreeens, Araknis, Episode and Luma ➜ Service Tag Code (ST)
  • NEEO Remotes➜ Remote ID / Serial Number
  • Power amplifiers (AMP104/8, Triad PAMP4/8) ➜ Serial Number
  • Rest of devices ➜ Serial Number

There are different ways to find the Serial Number or MAC Address:

  • The product’s label
  • The product’s original box
  • Invoice
  • Shipping Note
  • OvrC Devices list
  • Composer: Connections > Network > IP Network or Zigbee Network
  • Router DHCP leases

Note: if after providing the correct number, it is not recognizable, let the field empty and write the SN or MAC under the Case Details.

Fill the Case Details section. Please provide a full description of the failure and the tests made to try to solve the problem. Providing a good report will accelerate the process (check the product manual troubleshooting section).

See the example below.

A case number will be automatically assigned and you will receive an email with it. Every time a case is modified you will receive an email with the corresponding notification.

Tech Support will check the warranty for the product.

If the product is not under warranty, you can keep the faulty product and we will create a new quote. You will find it because it will be named by the case number + OOW (out of warranty). If you accept it, we will send you a new product for replacement.

If the product is under warranty, we will pick up the faulty product and send you a replacement once the reported problem is confirmed in our offices. This replacement will be free of charge. If the received product is working normally after being tested, we will send it back and the replacement will be charged.

The faulty product picking details will be requested in the case under the Comments tab.

We will need:

  • Case number:
  • Pickup address:
  • Number of boxes:
  • Weight:
  • Pickup date:
  • Pickup time:
  • Contact person (name and phone):

Pack the product in its original box, or in an adequate box, protecting it from accidental impacts, and clearly indicate the case reference on the box.

Product repair: Genesis Home Technologies SL doesn’t repair material. If there is an option for repair, the Tech Team will facilitate the contact details for official workshops.