Setup menu options for X series processors and XR series receivers Front Panel and Web Browser

To get started with setting up your new X series processor or XR series receiver you can access the setup menus directly from the front panel display of the unit or through a web browser by entering your processor or receivers IP address. The web page menus follow the same format as the front panel menus.

Front Panel Setup Menu Navigation: Navigating the setup menus is a simple process that can be done using the appropriate buttons on the front panel of your processor or receiver, or by using the IR remote control.

Press the Menu button once, the Main Menu will be displayed on the front panel screen.

Use the “Input + [up arrow]”, “Input – [down arrow]”, “Info [left arrow]”, and “Mode [right arrow]” buttons to navigate to the various menu options. To select a menu option press the front panel SELECT button or the OK button on the remote control. Press the Menu button anytime to exit the menu screens and any setting changes will be saved automatically.

Web Based Menu Navigation: To access the setup menus via a web browser, first make sure you have a network cable [coming from your router or switch] plugged into the rear panel Ethernet port on your processor or receiver. Then navigate to the Network setup menu option using the front panel method as described above, select Network and note the IP address of your unit, it will be something like this: 192.168.1.xx. Once you know the IP address of your unit go to your web browser of choice (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and enter the IP address in the address field and press enter.

NOTE: If this is your first time setting up your unit via the web based menu option then you will be presented with a series of initial settings that need to be configured before you can proceed to the setup menu pages, such as naming your device, setting your location/time zone, etc. Follow the prompts to complete each page. (See the example screen shots below, then continue the KB article from here). IMPORTANT! If you are prompted that there is a new firmware version available DO NOT choose to update at this time.

Once you get through the initial settings pages then the first page you will see is the Home page which displays the current network settings, device version information, etc.

From the Home page select  SETUP at the top left and the following menu page will be displayed:

For detailed information about what each setting does, please refer to the product manuals available from this link Manuals and also from the Downloads section of the individual product pages on the AudioControl website.

Note: With the front panel and web based setup menu options now available there will no longer be a full on screen setup menu displayed on your TV screen. During normal operation there will be pop up information displayed on the TV screen that will show input, surround mode, and volume status as changes are made, and when accessing the setup menus you will be able to see menu information but there will only be two lines of text displayed. 



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