Firmware: Update instructions for new X series processors and XR series receivers

Firmware update instructions: Concert XR 4/6/8 receivers and Maestro X7/X9 processors 


Dirac files:

Firmware updates clear any Dirac calibration settings that are currently uploaded to the XR receivers / X processors. Make sure you have access to the saved Dirac calibration file on your computer so you can upload back to the receiver/processor once the firmware update has completed.

Store a secure backup of the receiver or processors settings:

Front Panel: Press and hold the MENU button on the front panel for about 4 seconds, the Engineering menu will be displayed. Scroll down to and select Store Secure Backup > select Enter Pin, the default pin is 0000, press Select. 

To check the current firmware version of your receiver or processor:

Press and hold the front panel INFO and DIRECT buttons together for 4 seconds. The firmware version will be displayed as a HOST/IAP number, for example, 1.07/09. The first number is your firmware version.  

USB DRIVE FORMAT: the USB drive should be formatted for Windows FAT or FAT32. To speed up the update process you may want to use two properly formatted and empty USB drives since the USB update process requires that you load the Host and Network update files separately, you can put one file on each of the two drives [Refer to step 7 below].  

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