Default IP address of a Director Multi-Zone amplifier and how to assign a fixed one

The default IP address for our Director Multi-zone amplifiers is  is

If the amplifier does not receive an IP address upon boot up from a DHCP server, it will default to this address.

If you are not using a DHCP network, you will need to connect to the amplifier directly with an Ethernet cable and give your computer(Mac or PC) a static IP address in the same range as the amplifier. Make sure the address is 192.168.0.X ย Where X is a value between 1 and 254, but not using 249.

To assign a fixed IP, on the configuration Tab of the web interface, you would uncheck the DHCP box.

That will allow you to put in your static IP address. From there, you will then need to power cycle the amplifier for the change to take effect.

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