IMPORTANT: Your eyes are your most important tool when performing a calibration

The source:

First step of your calibration, if it’s not well configured (or of bad quality) the whole chain is compromised. Use good signal cables, especially HDMI as some cheap versions cannot handle bandwidth or HDCP. 

Follow configuration guides

AV processor:

Should only be configured as Bypass or Pass Through and should not process or upscale video signal. Make sure it’s HDCP compliant to the latest standard. Use good signal cables.

The projector:

Use calibration patterns like Spears & Munsil UHD HDR Benchmark Blu Ray

  • Adjust shift / zoom / focus
  • Adjust brightness / contrast / gamma (2,4 recommended) and sharpness
  • Adjust brilliant color setting (video recommended)
  • RealColor P7 color calibration

>> Measure fL and adjust illumination (target is 14fL for HD, 40fL for HDR)

>> Adjust HDR screen luminance

>> Adjust native colors and gamut with spectro-colorimeter (Qalif Spectro or similar)

Download instructions for Medea – Balder – Loki here

Download instructions for Bragi here

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