Artcoustic New Subwoofer Line-Up 2020

New Models (available from 1st October)

Three new models, Artcoustic Sub 1, Artcoustic Sub 2 & Artcoustic Sub 3 will replace the existing ranges (Impact, Control & Performance). We will also launch a brand-new model – CPH200 S – our first active subwoofer. See the below overview of the new subs & their replacements. 

Upgrades & Modifications (available later in Q4)

IWS-10 (In-Wall Sub): A new version of our IWS-10 model has been engineered with a similar band pass concept, to deliver deeper bass and higher output.

IPS-10 Subwoofer (IP-grade 66): Incorporating a similar bandpass concept, the CPH-10 Sub will be renamed ‘IPS-10’ continuing to be the smallest model in the lineup and will now be available for indoor and outdoor use.

ATiB: Our ATiB (Atmos System) will be available in a smaller form factor, with the same technical specifications.

You can find technical specs here

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