New firmware for AudioControl Director and RS amplifiers

AudioControl has introduced the Director 2.0 firmware that adds features and a better GUI for its line of Director Series and RS Series DSP amplifiers.

Along with creating a new GUI, AudioControl has added six additional parametric EQs for enhanced system tuning capability, channel metering for visual confirmation of signal levels (at the amplifier’s output stage) and a touch-sensitive webpage, enabling full system configuration from a phone, tablet or other touch-enabled devices. To simplify system tuning, AudioControl has included a pink noise generator available for all channels that is built-in to the software, enabling integrators to use the AudioControl Mobile Tools App or the award-winning DM-RTA to more efficiently calibrate their systems. Integrators will also have easy access to the Sound Partners DSP profiles for industry-leading architectural loudspeakers that optimize performance for every system at the touch of a button.

The Director 2.0 firmware will be available for all current Director and RS Series Models in August 2020 and will specifically upgrade the M6800, M6400, M4800, M4840, D2800, D4600 and RS Series models. You can download from the following links:



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