Hardware Affected: All Controllers and IO Extenders

See below wiring guide for contacts and relays / Ci-dessous le schéma de connexion pour les contacts et relais / Abajo esquema de conexión de contactos y reles / Schema diconnessione dei contatti di ingresso e rele’


Contact Current Ratings / Courant nominal des contacts / Corriente nominal de los contactos / Corrrente dei contatti di ingresso

EA5: 0.5A
EA3: 0.125A (if powered via AC or PoE+) or turned off for POE
HC250: 0.2A
HC800: 1.25A 
IOX v1: 1.25A 
IOX v2: 1.25A (if powered via AC or PoE+ ) or 0.5A for PoE

All current output ratings for the contact 12V are shared across all outputs / Le courant de sortie du contact 12V est partagé entre toutes les sorties / La corriente de salida del contacto 12V es compartido entre todas las salidas / La corrente in uscita dela contatto e’ di 12V ed e’ convisiva su tutte le uscite

If you have a device with 3 wires you will need to use 2 relays, and loop the common between the relays / Si vous voulez contrôler un appareil avec 3 cables, il faut utiliser 2 relais, et ponter le commun entre les relais / Si quiere controlar un dispositivo con 3 hilos, hay que usar 2 reles y puntear el común entre los relés / Se si desidera controllare un dispositivo con 3 fili, dobbiamo usare 2 rele’ e parallelare il comune trai i 2 rele’

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The connections are quite different from the connections on our controllers or the original DSC doorstation.  Below is an image and description of what each relay/contact does.

  • IN1 is a contact input.
  • OUT1 is a relay that provides ~10 volts of power. 
  • RELAY1 is a single-pole, double-throw relay. The center post is the common, with the right being normally closed and the left being normally open.