Functions that can be performed with E20 buttons 🇬🇧

In the second part, functions that can be controlled with small buttons placed at the bottom.

Each button can be configured for one of following different features:

  1. Send values or sequences

An event triggers the transmission on the bus of configurable values or sequence of values.
These values can be of a logical type or a numerical type with a different size.
A sequence of values can be made of up to 8 communication objects of different value types.
Time delays can set between values in the sequence.

  1. Dimmer control

This mode is intended to be used with dimming actuators for the control of lighting devices.
The functionality is triggered on short press and long press events.
On short press events, the device sends on/off telegrams to the dimming actuator.
On long press events, the dimming percentage is varied up or down until the button is released.

  1. Shutter or Venetian blind control

This mode is intended to be used together with actuators for the control of motorized blinds, shutters and similar devices. These actuators have functions for blind opening and closing; two movement types are selectable, i.e. continuous movement and stepwise movement. On input events, the device sends operation telegrams to the actuators.

The operation is configurable through following parameters:

  • If toggle mode is enabled, on each activation of the same input the movement direction is inverted; if it is disabled, the movement direction is fixed and it can be set to “up” or “down”.
  • If blinds mode is enabled, the device sends “full movement” telegrams on long press and “step” telegrams on short press; if it is disabled, the device sends “full movement” telegrams on long press and “stop” telegrams on short press.
  1. Scene function output

This mode is intended to be used together with several KNX actuators that support using a scene function; this function allows storing and recalling a communication object value on an actuator.
In this mode, the role of the device is to send a “store / recall scene” telegram to the actuator on a long / short press event.
This mode has two possible configurations:

  • Activate pre-set scene on short press, and store current setting as scene value on long press
  • Activate two different scenes on long and short press.

The rectangular buttons (Function buttons) allow to manage also the following operating modes:

  1. Connected dimming

This mode is used along with the tilting buttons, also called Action buttons.
By shortly pressing a function key, it will be possible to send a dimming on / off command: a one-bit communication object (on / off) will be sent.
A long press of a function keys will enable the connected operation: the pressed key will start to flash, and the respective action keys (on the right or left side) can be used to dim the lights.

  1. Connected shutter or venetian blind

As for connected dimming, this mode is also used along with the tilting buttons also called Action buttons.

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