7 ideas on service contracts for connected homes

7 ideas on service contracts for connected homes

At Genesis Home Technology Architects we often get asked by our installation partners about service contracts. There is no one-size-fits-all but here are 7 thoughts that can help you to find the formula that works for you and your customers.

And as always we invite you to share, give us feedback and let us know how you get on with serving your customers as our industry is growing up.

Let´s make WOW the standard. Together.

  1. Sell the idea of a service contract at the very beginning of the customer journey (before the demo): this way you are valued for your service and knowledge first and foremost.
  2. Prices will vary – there is no industry-fits-all number: regional labour rates; level of service (pro-active, reactive, on-site, remote); complexity of installation; installation under warranty or not; extended warranty on products included or not; travel – need to charge for travel time (fixed or variable)
  3. Charge for remote service: you offer a solution – the fact you do this efficiently does not make it for free.
  4. Charge for system upgrades: no system will continue to work well without regular upgrades – customers know this.
  5. Make service contracts simple and transparant so your customers understand and feel comfortable: state what is included, state what is not included, have simple pricing
  6. Service is both an attitude and a process: work with your whole team on both aspects.
  7. Make every customer interaction a memorable and positive experience: you get referrals because of service, not product. 

“Start with the customer experience and work your way backwards” S. Jobs


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