Important Notice:

  • This driver requires EA controllers to work. If using a legacy controller please use the IR driver
  • For Apple TV (Gen 1-3) use Control4 Driver Apple TV (Gen 1-3)[IP]
  • Apple’s “Home” app is required when setting up Airplay connection with your AppleTV. If the customer has deleted that app, you’ll need to re-install and make sure the customer knows it needs to stay installed.

NOTE: The Apple Setup Code property is not used during setup, and is available for manual device setup using the Apple Home App, which is not supported by Control4.

1.    One or more Apple TV devices running tvOS version 12.1+ (All ATV’s must be on    the same Apple ID account)
2.    Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) running iOS 12.1+
3.    Control4 project running OS 2.10.6. Primary Controller must be any EA series controller or a CA10.
4.    Apple TV driver (1 per Apple TV)
5.    Apple Bridge driver (1 per project)
6.    Control4 mobile iOS app version 2.10.6

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NOTE: You must be on the same local network as the Apple TV and Control4 controller when enabling Apple TV integration using the Control4 iOS Mobile App (step 3 below).

Step by Step Guide:
1.    Apple TV
a.¬†¬† ¬†Follow the on-screens instructions to setup the Apple TV.¬†¬†This is most easily done by using an Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) to automatically complete the setup. Select ‚ÄúSet Up with Device‚ÄĚ and hold the device close to the Apple TV when prompted. If you choose to set up manually, you will still need an iOS device to enable AirPlay and add the AppleTV to a room.¬†¬†It is highly recommended to just choose the ‚ÄúSet up with Device‚ÄĚ option when setting up the Apple TV.
b.    Add the Apple TV to a room.  Choose one from the list provided or add your own.
i.      If you chose to setup manually, ensure that AirPlay is turned on.

1.    Go to Settings >> AirPlay,  Ensure AirPlay is On.
2.    Go to Settings >> AirPlay >> Room, Select a Room.

2.    Composer Pro
a.    Open Composer Pro 2.10.6 and connect to a project running 2.10.6
b.    Add an Apple TV driver for each ATV and make the appropriate HDMI connections.
i.      Ensure that an Apple Bridge driver was also added or already exists in the project (Only 1 is allowed per project)

3.    Control4 Mobile App
a.    Open the Control4 iOS app and enable Apple TV Integration
i.      Select settings >> select the system >> choose Edit >> choose Apple TV Integration.
ii.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†Select OK when prompted: ‚ÄúControl4 Enterprise‚ÄĚ Would Like to Access Your Home Data.
iii.      Enable Apple TV by turning on the toggle.
iv.      Select the Apple Home to connect this system with. (If prompted)
v.      Select Continue to add Bridge.
vi.      Select Add Anyway if prompted about an Uncertified Accessory
vii.      Add the Controller and remote(s) to the default room (or room of your choosing) as prompted.
viii.      Select Done.
b.    You should see an Apple TV Integration Success. Select the OK button.

4.    Verification
a.¬†¬† ¬†In Composer Pro, select the Apple TV driver and ensure the ‚ÄúApple TV Selector‚ÄĚ property has the Apple TV selected.
b.    If you have added multiple Apple TV’s, verify each driver in the project is connected to the correct Apple TV.
c.    It may be necessary to restart the Apple TV to get it to connect to the Control4 System.