Errors On Devices

400Service returned a validation error.Web Services are throwing an exception. Sometimes this is seen if the device name is blank.Have the user check the name of their device. Make sure it is not blank.
401Unable to validate your account. Please correct the email or password and try again.Username or Password is no longer validCorrect Username or Password. Or add the system again.
403.0ErrorCode:403 – Access Denied, DetailDevices is on iOS 7 and app is pre 2.5.0.Update the app to the latest version.
403.8This device is no longer authorized to work with your Control4 system. Please log into to authorize this device.Device no longer authorized to connect to target system.Check authorization for device in
403.15A license is required to connect this device to your system. Please contact your Control4 dealer to obtain a license. To transfer a license to a new device, please log into to remove a license from an existing device.No license has been found for the license or the license has expired.License the device in the account.
403.21A license is required to connect this device to your system. Please contact your Control4 dealer to obtain a license.No license or Expired licenseHave user contact dealer of record to obtain a license for the account.
403.22Your system is not reachable at this time. Please try again later or contact your dealer for assistance.System not registered with Connection Manager. Registration status has expired. Usually caused by SIP traffic being blocked in and outbound traffic. SIP ALG or VoIP ATA could cause this.Disable SIP ALG, Reboot router
404We encountered a problem and can’t connect to the system at this time. Please try again later.Unable to connect to web services. Controller could be offline or no connection to internet. If a Sony receiver is director on pre-2.5 you will get thisCheck internet connectivity. Verify web services available.
408Unable to establish connection to remote server. Please try again later.Cannot send an invite to the controller because either a port is blocked or controller is offline. Can be caused by SIP ALG or other VoIP Settings. If getting a 408 the controller registration record still exists. If it expires after 2 hours this will go to 403.22 errorVerify internet connectivity at both points. verify SIP ALG or VoIP ATA settings are disabled. Reboot router. If this does not work reboot director to restart raproxyd.From putty:  ping -s 1492
If you get a response, the MTU is high enough.  If not, they need to set the MTU to 1500.
500Error encountered while trying to connect.Web Services are throwing an exception.Verify the name of the device does not have invalid characters. MyDot can only accept ASCII characther others like UTF-8 are not accepted.