Affecting Composer/Control4 App Local and Remote Connections

Composer Certificate Update – Must be applied to all computers that run Composer Pro/HE. The update must be applied by a user account that has administrator permissions. Composer 2.10.2+ has the updated certificates
installed by default, this patch will apply certificates to all installed versions between 2.5.3 and 2.10.1.

Click here to download composer patch.

Controller Certificate Patch – Controllers that are online will start to be remotely updated starting May 9, 2018. Any controller that has not connected to the Internet between May 9 and May 22 will require you to manually apply the certification update so Composer Pro can connect remotely. This patch can be applied to any system between 2.0.x and 2.10.1.

Click here to download controller

Composer HE Instructions – Customers running Composer HE will need to download and install the new Composer HE that matches the software version of their controller. Close Composer HE once it has been installed, then run the Composer Certificate Patch on the computer. Systems running OS 2.6.0 – 2.9.0 will need to be updated to at least 2.9.1, then follow the instructions below.

Click here for Composer HE patching

To check if a controller has been patched: Open System Manager, Connect to the Controller Look for the following information in the Output window: 
ii  patch-cert-replacement all Patch for the Control4 Certificate Replacement

Remotely Connecting to Director

If you see the message below when trying to remotely connect to a controller using Composer Pro or Composer HE, then there is a security certificate mismatch between the controller and Composer.  Confirm that the Computer running Composer, and the Controller have been patched.

Registering Composer Pro

Access Denied Error – If you receive the error below, you need to deactivate the Composer Pro license for this computer. To do so, log into your dealer account, navigate to Licenses > Composer Pro Licenses, then click on the user’s name. Find the common name of the computer, then click Deactivate. Confirm that the Computer running Composer, and the Controller have been patched. Afterwards, open Composer Pro 2.10.2 which should resolve the issue.

Connecting to a local controller – Could not connect to Director at IP Address

If you receive the error below when trying to connect to a local controller, there is a certificate mismatch, or an issue with the computer name that Composer is registered under. Certificate mismatch steps-

  • Confirm that the Computer running Composer, and the Controller have been patched.
  • Reboot the controller.

Computer name resolution steps.

Only perform these steps if you have already run the controller patch above, and it completed sucessfully.

  • Close Composer Pro.
  • Open Windows File Explorer then navigate to %appdata%\Control4\Composer, then delete the composer.p12 file.
  • Log into your dealer my.control4 account then navigate to licence management > composer pro licenses > then search for the email that Composer is registered under.
  • Deactivate the computer.
  • Launch then re-register Composer Pro.

Connecting with Control4 App

If receiving this error message on a mobile device, then update the app to the latest released version and confirm the controller has been patched. If you update the app and the error persists, call Control4 Technical Support or your local distributor.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling Composer versions

If the Composer Patch has been ran on a computer which subsequently has a Composer version uninstalled then you will need to reinstall that version of Composer Pro, then run the Composer Patch on that computer again. This applies to any version of Composer 2.5.3 – 2.10.1.
Example: If Composer 2.10.1 has been uninstalled.

  1. Download and reinstall Composer Pro 2.10.1.
  2. Run the Composer Patch on the computer again.

Registering a Controller

If the controller running Director has not been patched, then you will receive the following errors when trying to register the controller. Error upon registering a 2.10.0 system.
Error while communicating with the Web Services.  Fault = SSL_ERROR_SSL error:14090086:SSL routines:ssl3_get_server_certificate:certificate verify failed LSE = 0

Error upon registering a 2.5.3 system.
Error while communicating with the Web Services.  Fault = SSL_ERROR_SSL


Control4 has found that some Antivirus software will delete the ComposerPatch2.exe file upon extracting the zip file. If running Antivirus on your computer and running into this problem, you will need to temporarily disable the Antivirus software in order to run the patch. Once the patch has been ran on the pc, you can re-enable the Antivirus.