Note: For older devices, Pre 2.9.0, use the Device Image Updater V1, see the article Device Image Updater V1 (OS 2.8.2 and below)

  • Download the C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2_Installer.exe file to your desktop.
  • Double click on the C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2_Installer.exe file to install, then follow installation instructions.
  • Choose the target device(s) to be updated.
  • Select the OS to install to the target device(s). Please note: This process may take several minutes to start, please be patient.
  • After the initial run of the updater, the device will reboot.
  • If OS was set to 2.10 or below then run the Device Image Updater a second time in order to apply the DigiCert Security Certificate patch.
  • Delete any previous version of the Image Updater Software that was originally downloaded as a zip file.

The Device Image Updater V2 can be used to replace the factory restore image to an older or newer version (see device compatibility list below). This tool will reflash any EA controller, the HC-250, HC-800, IO Extender (both versions), Triad One, all T3 touchscreens and V2 touchscreens. Please be advised running this tool on the controller running Director will remove the project. Please make a backup of your project prior to running this tool.
Note: The highest OS an HC-250 can be flashed to using this tool is 2.9.1. After flashing to 2.9.1 you will need to use update manager to update to 2.10+.
The table below shows the devices that can be reflashed using this tool, as well as the lowest and highest OS they can be flashed to.
If this tool is used to downgrade a T3 touchscreen from 2.10+ to an existing 2.9.1 system, then a factory data reset must be done on the T3 after it’s been downgraded.

Device Compatibility

HardwareLowest Reflash OSHighest Reflash OS
HC8002.8.2Current Release
EA12.8.2Current Release
EA1 v22.10.2Current Release
EA1 POE2.10.2Current Release
EA32.8.2Current Release
EA3 v22.10.2Current Release
EA52.8.2Current Release
EA5 v22.10.2Current Release
CA12.10.1Current Release
V2 Touchscreen2.
T3 Touchscreen2.8.2Current Release
IO Extender V1/V22.
Triad One2.10.0Current Release

Step 1– Download the C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2_Installer.exe file.

Step 2– Double click the downloaded C4_Device_Image_Updater_V2_Installer.exe file, then follow instructions to install the Image Updater Software. Upon first launch you may need to agree to allow the software to run on different network types (Private, Public, etc.).

Step 3– Click on the device(s) to update then click Connect. If you would like to see the currently running OS of each device then uncheck the Disable Get Version Info button. Note: this tool supports updating multiple devices by shift + select or control + select.

Step 4– Select what OS to flash the device to then select Install. As each OS release occurs, they will show up in the list to flash as well.

Please note: The GUI will complete then after the reboot the lights on the controller will start flashing until it has completed the upgrade process. This process may take several minutes to start and overall time to completion will vary depending on your internet connection speed, other traffic on the local network, and how many total devices are being flashed. Please be patient.

Step 5– If the imaged device is the primary controller running Director, and OS selected was 2.10.0 or below then go through all steps above one more time in order to apply the DigiCert Security Certificate patch. This patch is necessary to re-register the controller.

Step 6– Delete any prior version of the Image Updater V2 software on your pc that was originally downloaded as a zip file.