The Device Image Updater can update devices and replace the factory image to a later version. This tool is designed to reflash any HC Controller except the HC1000. It will also reflash Infinity Edge, V2, T3 touchscreens, and IO Extenders. Please be advised: Running this tool on the controller running Director will remove the project. Please make a backup of your project prior to running this tool. To flash newer devices such as EA controllers to OS 2.10.0, use Device Image Updater v2 located here

Installation Steps

  1. Click the link below to download the Device Image Updater to the desktop
  3. Right click the file and Unzip/extract all files to the desktop
  4. Navigate to the newly extracted folder
  5. Double click on the C4_Device_Image_Updater.exe file
  6. Choose the target device to be updated
  7. Select the OS to install to the target device
  8. Please note: This process may take several minutes to start, please be patient
  9. After the initial run of the updater, the device will reboot
  10. You will have to run the C4_Device_Image_Updater_V1.exe a second time after phase one is complete if it is one listed below that requires to be ran twice.

The table below shows the devices that can be reflashed using this tool, as well as the lowest and highest OS they can be flashed to. Some devices do not hold enough memory to reflash by running the tool once, and must
be run a second time. HC200 and HC300 running 1.7.4 can be flashed using this tool, lower versions will require a usb restore stick.
Device Compatibility

HardwareLowest Target OSHighest Target OSUpdater Must Be Run
Infinity Edge2.
V2 Touchscreen2.
T3 Touchscreen2.
IO Extender V1/V22.
HC1000Not SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
SpeakerpointNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
MCNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
HTCNot SupportedNot SupportedNot Supported
*If Primary controller, DO NOT flash to any version above 2.5.3.

Step 1– Download and extract the zip file to the Desktop.
Step 2– Open the C4_Device_Image_Updater.exe file from the newly extracted folder

Step 3– Click on the device to update. Depending on the version of this tool, EA series controllers may show up in the list, but they will fail if you attempt to flash them.

Step 4– Select what OS to flash the device to then select Install. As each OS release occurs, they will show up in the list to flash as well.

Please note: The GUI will complete then after the reboot the lights on the controller will start flashing until it has completed the upgrade process. This process may take several minutes to start and overall
time to completion will vary depending on your internet connection speed, other traffic on the local network and what version you are going from/to, please be patient.