Control4 DS2 configuration step by step from Composer 3.1.2.

After updating the DS2 driver to v246+ the DS2 will update to firmware version This version of the firmware changes the “Factory Reset” behavior; performing a factory reset will remove the HTTP API “Account 1” credentials and permissions, these setting will need to be restored using the Web UI so the driver can continue to communicate with the device. The recommended settings are below. 

Login to the web api.

Login: admin  Default Password: t0talc0ntr0l4!  
If the password has already been updated to a new password.The password can be found in the Ds2 Driver Properties Under HTTP API Password.

1. Click on Services. 
2. Click on HTTP API.
3. Set up Services to match this screen shot.

User-added image

4. Click on save. 

Now set up  the HTTP API Username and Password. 

1. Click on Account 1. 
2. Check enable (if it is not already checked)
3. type in a  new username.( Default: root
4. type in  a new password. 
5. Check the boxes to match the following screen shot. 

User-added image

6. Click on Save. 

Now you will need to update the HTTP API Password in system design  Under the Driver Properties. 


1. Click on system design. 
2. Click on the Ds2 Driver.
3. Click on Properties.
4. Update the API Username and Password. 5. Click on Set for both options. 
6. Click on  the Actions Tab. 
7. Click on Auto Config. 

Note: When the API password is changed the camera proxy password needs to be changed to match…