When running into the issue not being able to connect to Director, with no Internet connection, you will get a Broker error.

First thing to look at with this issue is the date and time for the controller. If you are running 2.8.1 or later, you can do this in System Manager.
NOTE: Systems on 2.90+ will often benefit by having the date/time set in 2.8.2 System Manager.

Please also note date format must be all numerical. Any format with lettering, example: (7/JUL/2017) will show as a bad date error in composer

If you are running 2.8.0 or earlier, you will need to go to Putty and run this command. For the date, type sysman date. For the time, type sysman time.

Both date and time need to match the date and time on your computer. It is ok if they are a minute or two off. Any more than that will cause issues.

To set the date in Putty, type sysman date [MM/DD/YYYY]. Example: sysman date 02/25/2016.

To set the time, type sysman time HH:MM:SS . Example: sysman time 12:35:30

Please keep in mind that it runs on a 24-hour clock, not a 12-hour clock. So if you need to tell the system that it is 1:00 p.m., enter 13:00:00.